Introducing Overseer Jeff

Tap, tap… is this thing on? I’m kidding of course.

Greetings and ARoooo!, fellow Sasquatchers fans! My name is Jeff and I’m super-excited to be chosen as the team’s newest Overseer! Deuce has graciously given me the chance to introduce myself and explain how I’m going to be contributing to the channel.

Basically, I’ll be acting as a coordinator, keeping track of exactly where the experts are when they’re out on a field mission! I’ll be staying back in an undisclosed location with a small device that displays an overhead view of the survey map. It’s my job to tell the team where it’s safe to move, and where it’s best to stand to get the best possible evidence of any cryptids. This means keeping track of the available light sources as well, since the cryptids are pretty much invisible in the dark!

I’ve also studied the team and their incredible skills, so it’s my job to suggest which skill is the best to use in each moment. Should Dr. Rocksmash use one of his amazing mating calls to find out where the cryptids are hiding? Or should he call upon his talents as a cryptid whisperer to calm any creatures that are threatening to attack? Should award-winning photojournalist Diane Cannon take a photo now, or move into position for the best and steadiest shot later on? Is it a good time for Deuce to take a selfie? These are the questions I have to ponder!

I’ve been assured that the job is completely safe, and the various legal releases I’ve had to sign are just a formality. You can bet I signed them quickly, because I can’t wait to help the team on their next mission… in New Jersey, of all places! Can you imagine?

Now, this blog is supposed to be for team business only, but I can’t help but inject a personal note: I’m just so grateful that the team has given me this chance. I’ve been a huge fan of the Sasquatchers for years, so getting the chance to work with them is a dream come true. It’s especially appreciated now that my wife and I just closed on a new house, and we just got the surprise news that we’ve got triplets on the way! (I know, right?! I’d rather listen to a bunyip’s defensive screech than have to hear three hungry babies crying!) (I’m kidding again, of course. I already love them very much).

I know I can show my gratitude to the team by being the best dang Overseer they’ve ever had!

Onward to a life full of adventure!

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