The Big Time

Every team of paranormal investigators has a set of milestones — a citation in The North American Journal of Weird, 1000 subscribers, an encouraging note from a parent — but I’m honored to say that our team has been selected for possibly the greatest of all: appearing in a turn-based strategy game on a boutique handheld video game console! Suck on that, Spectre Seekers!

When we were contacted by a video game developer to adapt our adventures to a game, we had lots of questions: how much money is in it for us? Which accomplished professional artist is going to be making the art? What is a Playdate? I’m happy to report that the answer to all those questions was a resounding yes.

We’ll have more to report once we know what the game is, exactly, and how well it captures the mystery and intrigue of our field missions. Until then, I’m going to be imagining who will play me in the movie!


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