The Team

The Sasquatchers

The Sasquatchers are a multi-award-nominated team of influencer-scientists bridging the gap between the austere and respectable world of cryptozoology and the hot new world of social media.

Since their modest start from a reckless dare involving dark woods and a smart phone camera, the Sasquatchers have been ceaselessly innovative in discovering new species and new methods for maximizing profits from media impressions. Their thrilling field missions have been livestreamed to tens of fans across the globe.

Zak “Deuce” Hunter

Deuce Hunter is a renaissance man equally at home in the worlds of traditional media, social media, interactive media, entertainment, interactive entertainment, music, competitive dance, and parabiological/metaphysical research.

Deuce had his first taste of stardom as a child performer, creating the role of irrepressibly troubled neighbor Petey in the beloved sitcom Whose Family Is This, Anyway? After that, he proved his versatility with notable roles such as the misunderstood scamp Peter in Chillin’ At Home, wisecracking but soulful Pedro in ¿Quien es El Papa?, and his emotionally complex performance as the inscrutable PT-8000DX in the genre-defying series I Think My Neighbor’s Son Is A Robot.

After taking a break from the limelight in his teens and early twenties, Deuce broke back into the entertainment world with a record-breaking number of appearances in unscripted television and webseries. Never one to play it safe, Deuce applied for a role in the hit competitive reality dating show The Confirmed Bachelor before even waiting to hear the premise of the series. His unforgettable run ended in his elimination during the series’ tense and eye-opening finale, now widely considered a classic. That opened the door to more reality series, including Not The Marrying Kind, America’s Talented Uncles, This Man Has a Secret, Dorothy’s Friends, and He Just Doesn’t Like You That Way.

Deuce had a frank conversation with his talent agent to clear up some basic misconceptions, after which he appeared as contestant and/or celebrity guest judge on Tough Enough, Más Más Macho, Celebrity Punch Fight Extreme, Breeder’s Banquet, and of course, his star-making turn as host of the monster truck reality dating competition Love Buggy.

Some fans undoubtedly know Deuce through his musical work as a pioneer of the free-verse trip-hop nu-metal genre. He’s released a string of occasionally-downloaded albums and EPs, including Droppin’ the Deuce, Dirty Deeds, Sittin’ On The Throne, I Got To Go Party, A Touch of Cotton, Alone Time, and Ex Machina. His greatest fame came when the video for the title track of his album Squeezin’ One Out became a viral sensation on internet message boards.

Deuce currently lives in the liminal space between dreams and the promise of new adventure. He has no children or pets.

Tank Rocksmash

Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, Tank Rocksmash grew up surrounded by nature, instilling in him a love of animals and plant-based pharmaceuticals that has persisted throughout his career.

After completing simultaneous master’s degree programs in parabiology, animal husbandry, and mysticism, Dr. Rocksmash earned his PhD with an insightful and unprecedented thesis on the migratory and mating patterns of the Lake Haversham Sea Serpent (known affectionately to the locals as “Ol’ Lake Haversham Sea Serpent”). Dr Rocksmash was the first person in the university’s history to physically defend his PhD thesis.

While he’s not shining a bright light into the darkest corners of the unknown, Tank enjoys cooking and yoga, but his favorite hobby is, in his inimitable words, “getting all kinds of messed up on stinkweed.”

Diane Cannon

Accomplished photojournalist and nature photographer Diane Cannon joined the Sasquatchers in 2018, driven by a desire to explore the unknown and the increasing cost of alimony payments.

Over the course of her career, Diane’s work has appeared in countless magazines, nature journals, true-crime series, and exhibitions. In addition to her mastery of photography, she also works as a life coach helping other women to avoid common pitfalls that set back their careers and personal lives. Her book, Talented Women, Foolish Choices: My “Life” With the Sasquatchers is a nationwide best-seller.

Probationary Members

V.H. Essen

V.H. Essen joined the team from his hometown, which is somewhere in Europe. He told everyone the name of the town, but no one recognized it, so they all just nodded and assumed they could find out later, but at this point it’s too awkward to ask.

While new to the world of videography for documentaries, he’s gained much notoriety throughout Europe for his long-running series of art films. Each one is a four-hour-long, uncomfortably close-up examination of the things that disgust and terrify him, including spiders, capybaras, mounds of clothing in the bedroom that look like home invaders in the dark, grocery store carts, artichokes, and sand.

He’s received dozens of honors and accolades throughout his career, with critics calling his work “shockingly timid,” “perversely fascinating in the depths of its neurosis,” “refreshingly fearful,” and “well-lit overall.” In high school, he was voted “Most Likely to Have One Identifying Character Trait That Is Repeated Over and Over For Comedic Effect.”

Mike Boome

Mike Boome is no stranger to fans of extreme sports or prank videos, as he’s served as audio engineer (and occasional victim) in the long-running series Punkholes, Extreme Punkholes, The Magnificent Stuntwads, Deez Stunts, Maximum Idiocy, and Pranknuts.

A fan of electronic gadgetry since his early teens, he’s become an expert both in field recording and drone photography. In recent years, he’s given back to the next generation by serving as a motivational speaker for aspiring extreme filmmakers in high schools and colleges. Many of his speeches are available online, where not banned for excessive profanity.

Honoring Our Overseers

While obviously not as important as those of us in the field, our Overseers nonetheless are a crucial part of the Sasquatchers. It’s sometimes a thankless and inexplicably dangerous job, surveying the map and issuing orders to the team turn by nail-biting turn. While we can’t include a full biography, we’d like to thank each and every one of our Overseers by name:

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Admiral Zachary S. Hunter

Admiral Hunter is an evolutionary biologist and veteran who has received dozens of honors for his decades of work in the discovery, study, and preservation of real species of actual animals. He just wants his son to realize his full potential.